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Learn How to Punctuate Your Sentences Correctly in Your Essay

As you advance in your essay writing and your academic years, the readers will expect your writing to be more advanced. You will need to demonstrate your grasp on the structure and style of your writing while communicating the information and ideas eloquently.

This means punctuating your sentences optimally, allowing for a variety of sentence structures to communicate complex and complicated thoughts and expressions effectively.

Most of the essay writers end up acquiring help from an paper writing service online to optimize their sentence structure and punctuation. However, in order to become a better writer, you should do this process yourself, as it gives you a good learning opportunity.

The different types of sentences

Before learning how to punctuate it is important to know the different types of sentences.

Simple Sentence

A simple sentence has only one subject and is an independent clause. It makes up a complete thought with a subject, an action verb, and/or an object. All 'write my essay for me' inquiries are handled quick.

The studio apartment fits my budget.

Complex Sentence

Complex sentences are one part independent clause and one part dependent clause. The dependent clause is a clause that doesn’t form a complete thought on its own. Both these clauses are connected with punctuation, such as a colon, or a comma, and/or subordinating conjunction such as because, so that, etc.

The group consists of six members, including their spokesman.

Here the first independent clause is connected to the second dependent clause (incomplete on its own) with a comma. In case you're searching for a custom essay writer than send demand at 5staressays.

Compound Sentence

A compound sentence is when two or more independent clauses are joined together. These independent sentences can be joined using coordinating conjunctions such as but, or, however, etc.

The different cloud formations can reveal the climate of a region, and it can also tell you about the regional topography.

Here two independent clauses are joined by a comma followed by the coordinating conduction ‘and’.

Using commas

Commas are used to set off extra information in a sentence, that is non-restrictive. A nonrestrictive phrase is one that doesn’t narrow down the subject of the sentence in any way. At 5staressays, all write my essay inquiries are prepared quick by our expert substance writing group.

The New Year celebration, which he looked forward to every year, was canceled at the last minute.

The commas can be used before the main coordinating conjunctions:

The columnist has written many important columns in the past year, but none of the columns can match the one he wrote on the recent riots.

 And after conjunctive adverbs:

The column lambasted the government’s efforts openly. Moreover, it did not hold back on naming the officials who contributed to the worsening of the situation.

Using semicolon

The semicolons are used to connect two independent sentences together. To use a semicolon you have to make sure that the second sentence complements the first one and adds further explanation to it.

The firm was a critical success; a brilliant tribute to the neo-noir era.

The semicolon is also used with conjunctive adverbs as shown in the previous subsection:

The column lambasted the government’s efforts openly; moreover, it did not hold back on naming the officials who contributed to the worsening of the situation.

Using colon

The colon is used to either present a list or at times to connect two thoughts where the second is a punchline to the first sentence or explains and states for the former.

The runway was to be reconstructed due to one negligence on part of the planning committee: They mistakenly measured the distance in feet instead of meters.

At times if the second that follows the first is an independent sentence then the first letter of the first word is often capitalized.


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